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Golf Swing Training Aid Comparisons

The Dream Swing is far and away the best choice for teaching and reinforcing proper golf swings. We're so confident that the Dream Swing is the best product to improve your golf swing that we'll show you how it compares to our competition.

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The Speed Stik Swing Aid Vs. The Dream Swing

The Speed Stik Swing Aid clicks when you swing with more clubhead speed. The Dream Swing guides the club on plane allowing you to focus and concentrate on what your body needs to do so you’re able to swing with more club head speed and more on-plane. You can manipulate the speed stik swing aid and continue to practice your same mistakes. Their ad video has a computer graphic indicating that the ball flies straight while the person hitting the ball has swing flaws. The Dream Swing video shows everyone swinging the same correct on-plane swing. This proves the Dream Swing works and the Speed Stik Swing Aid allows you to practice your same mistakes. However, it might be effective to swing The Dream Swing and learn the body motions the tour players do and then swing the The Speed Stik Swing Aid. If you have bad swing habits, I see no advantage of swinging the speed stik swing aid. It will only help you hit the ball farther out of bounds.

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  • Does not guide your movement

  • Does not force club to the proper swing plane

  • Easily manipulated, causing one to practice their mistakes

  • Gives feedback, but provides no resistance

  • Inexpensive and simple

  • Helps slow the take away down


  • Guides the club shaft 6 inches

  • Does not ensure a proper stance or proper body movement

  • Allows errors on the follow through

  • Bulky and awkward


Memory Swing Vs. The Dream Swing

The Memory Swing is a copy of the Dream Swing. If you watch this video:


















the have the stand blocked out because it’s yellow not red. Rocky Bowlby was able to become aquainted with some people who where friends with Charles Barkley. Through them he was able to take the Dream Swing and demonstrate it to Charles. He believed Charles would endorse it and he would be able to sell millions of Dream Swings. He wanted to cut me out of the Deal so he took the Dream Swing to China and had it copied and manufactured there.  The Memory Swing is a copy of the Dream Swing.


The Dream Swing is superior in that the parts on the Dream Swing are stronger and hold up better and the Dream Swing comes with a wall bracket for indoor use. I’ve had people who purchased the Memory Swing call me and ask if they can purchase parts. Rocky Bowlby has called me and asked if he could purchase parts for his customers who broke their Memory Swing.


A swing trainer that straightened Charles Barkley's swing.