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Tiger Woods is Ranked the #1 Golfer in the World based on Results.


Likewise, the Dream Swing has PROVEN to be the #1 Golf Swing Improvement System Based on Results.


A compass guides and forces a pencil to travel in a perfect circle.

The Dream Swing is a Compass for the Golf Swing.

It sets up and adjusts to guide and force the arms, hands and club to travel on a perfect swing plane for every golfer in the family.

dream swing 1

The Dream Swing Promotes Proper Posture. If you are set up wrong, you can't swing it right.

The purple line is the shaft plane, the yellow line is the shoulder plane. As the golfer takes the club away, his hands go right up the plane line.

2 3 4

At the top of the back swing, the left arm elevates to the shoulderplane, the right elbow to the shaft plane.

On the down swing, the club drops back to the shaft plane.

6 5

On-plane at impact.

In the follow through, the club elevates exactly to the shoulder plane.

7 8

As the golfer gets into the finish position, you see the club finishing exactly parallel to the swing plane lines in a perfect position. As you can see, the Dream Swing teaches the perfect swing. You can have that Dream Swing if you practice everyday on the Dream Swing.

With the golf club connected into the Dream Swing and a light connected to the club head, you're able to see the path the club head follows throughout the entire swing.

It doesn't get better than perfect!

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By repeating the Golf Swing motion in the Dream Swing, your MIND will AUTOMATICALLY become PROGRAMMED with the FEELING of a more CORRECT SWING without having to think about it.

Think about this, it's the Truth!

Statistics show that 2.5 million new golfers start playing each year, but that the total number of golfers stays the same because approximately 2.5 million golfers also QUIT each year. Why are they quitting? The biggest reason is they’re not having fun. They’re frustrated and they can’t improve. The next logical question of course is “Why Can’t They Improve?” The shortest answer to this is, their minds are programmed with a bad swing. The golf swing is a feel motion and they have only felt their swing. So, that is the only swing they can swing and practice.


If YOU have a terrible swing it means your mind is also programmed with a terrible swing habit. The golf swing is a feel motion, because you have only felt your swing that is the only swing you can practice. The average male golfer shoots 98 on a par 72 course. The average female golfer scores around 114. The average golfer’s score has gone up during the past 15 years even with all the advancements in clubs, shafts and ball technology. No person can duplicate a motion they have never felt.

"Ultimately, to improve your Golf game, you have to reprogram your Brain."

As we set up to the ball and start our swing, we naturally do a motion that instinctively feels good to us. This is our habit, our natural swing. It is something we do without thinking. If it’s a motion that is incorrect or is fundamentally bad and our swing produces poor shots, it means our mind is programmed with the FEELING of a bad swing. So, historically golfers haven’t improved because once your mind is programmed with a swing, it’s extremely difficult to change learn a new golf swing habit. The Dream Swing forces the golfer to do new motions and provides resistance resulting in an accelerated improvement process that literally programs the mind with the feeling of the better golf swing.


Consider This:


We have 5 senses, Sight, Hear, Taste, Touch, Smell.


Deaf people can’t make proper sounds because they can’t hear. Their vocal chords are fine. Why can’t they learn to talk using the sense of touch, or sight, or taste? Because, that sense is not involved in the skill they are trying to learn. The golf swing is a FEEL motion. Who can learn feel by sight, or sound? Honestly, it is almost "Impossible" to learn a feel motion by having someone show or tell us what to do. Nothing we see, read, or hear will program our minds with the feeling of a new and better swing motion. Only by each person performing the correct motion and repeating it over and over will they reprogram their minds with the feeling of the new motion, so they’re able to duplicate it automatically. The Dream Swing is a tool that makes this easy.


There are several reasons you should purchase and use the Dream Swing.


  • The Dream Swing makes learning and improving the golf swing easy.

  • Using it helps golfers hit more good shots more often. That makes golf a lot more fun.

  • It provides an easy source for amateur golfers to get the best golf instruction possible on their own at their convenience.

  • Makes practicing a great golf swing easy. It doesn’t let you get off course.

  • It eliminates time money and effort golfers waste practicing mistakes (while they are trying to improve.)

  • Allows amateur golfers to practice the same kind of swing the Tour Players swing.

  • Provides unsupervised perfect practice to help each golfer improve.

  • Gives beginner golfers the feeling of a good swing and help more advanced players feel how to make corrections, so they can take their games to the next level.

  • It is proven to get golfers on-plane and keep them on-plane throughout the entire swing.

  • Gives golfers a kinesthetic sense for what the swing feels like.

  • Easy to carry to the range.

  • Lets you feel where your hands need to be at the top of your back swing.

  • Teaches the golfer to swing with their body and not their arms.

  • Can be used by all golfers of all ages and all body types.

  • Teaches the single plane swing known as Natural Golf.


Improving the golf swing on our own is extremely difficult for several reasons.


1. We can't see ourselves swing.

2. We have never felt the new motion and therefore don't really know if what we're doing is correct.

3. When we think about swing mechanics, it makes us play even worse.

Hiring a Professional to Help Imrpove the golf swing can be very expensive.

Taking a single golf lesson from some instructors can cost several hundred dollars. Attending an Elite Golf School can cost several thousand dollars.


The Dream Swing is the best source of golf swing improvement ever and it sets up in your backyard or indoors with the wall bracket and can be use at your convenience to help you improve your golf swing when you want. It provides perfect practice and is half the cost of a Top Driver.


Some reasons golfers should purchase and use the Dream Swing.


  • It helps you swing a better swing with every club including the putter.

  • It corrects slicing and hooking.

  • Teaches better balance in the golf swing.

  • Saves time and money.

  • Durable and portable.


Some golfers optimistically buy golf clubs to improve their golf score. A new Driver like the Tour players use can cost over 500 dollars. From an economical stand point it is better to purchase a golf swing trainer that will teach you the FEELING of your best golf swing that will help you hit every club better rather than buying expensive clubs.

No Golf Club Can Compensate for a Bad Swing.

Don't be on the Course With a $400 Club and a 2 Bit (25 cent) Swing.

Getting a new Driver without correcting the swing typically results in the golfer hitting the ball farther out into the trees.

PGA Partners Club Tested and Approved

The Dream Swing recently participated in the PGA Partners Club Member Testing Program and was awarded The Partners Club Member Tested and Approved Seal-of-approval! Please Keep in mind that this test was performed over a 6 week period in the off season between January and February across states in the south. It was very cold and wet at this time. Here is what some of the PGA Partners Club evaluators said about The Dream Swing...

partners club

Keeps My Swing in Top Form.

"I would recommend this product to golfers of all handicaps. The Dream Swing has enabled me to keep my swing in top form. I have a 10 to 12 handicap and the Dream Swing has helped me improve my swing during the winter break."


Easy to use with Immediate Good Results.

"I was surprised at how easy the Dream Swing was to assemble. The instructions (and video instruction) were very concise. I set it up in my back yard and within minutes I had the Dream Swing adjusted (where it felt good to my swing) and I was doing drills that were suggested on the video. After being on the device for about 20 minutes, I went to the driving range and hit balls. I was amazed on how I was making better contact with just my first use of the product."


I Felt How to Make the Proper Swing Adjustments

"I felt the adjustment that had to be made in my swing. The Dream Swing helped me to understand better the proper swing that I needed. I have adjusted my swing and it has greatly improved my ability to hit the ball straighter."


"I highly recommend this device!"


Instant Feedback and Convenient

"I liked the instant feedback if you got out of your swing plane. I also liked the convenience of the easy way it was to carry whenever I went to the driving range to practice."


Teaches all Shots, I’ve Learned to Draw!

"This product can help you to fade, draw, or hit it straight just by repositioning your body and using your same swing. That is the idea I liked. I've now learned to draw the ball and I feel I'm at a certain advantage on the courses I play. I know that when Spring and Summer are here I'll be using this product everyday.”


More Solid Shots

"I hit the ball more solid than ever before!"


*For more testimonials & feedback, click here.


Haven't you wasted enough time practicing mistakes while trying to improve?

How can someone repeat a NEW FEEL MOTION they have never felt?


Often times then golfers take conventional golf lessons they play worse. Remember that trying to change and improve a feel motion by having some one show and tell you how to do it is extremely difficult.


Every serious golfer is trying to improve. We have watched Tiger’s progression over the years and see him now playing at a higher level than ever before. Each stage of improvement involves CHANGING. He is trying to constantly change from his current feel motion to an improved and better feel motion.


By owning and using the Dream Swing each one of us has the ability to change and improve our golf swing daily. It provided perfect practice and perfect practice guaranteed improvement.

Arnold Palmer and the Dream Swing

In August of 1996 I attended the Franklin Quest Senior PGA Tour event in Park City Utah. My intent by attending was to renew my acquaintance with Jim Albus who endorsed the Dream Swing on an infomercial we filmed at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens Florida and Bruce Crampton who was experiencing dramatic game improvement after learning the Dream Swing. I was able to speak with Arnold Palmer and persuade him to get into the Dream Swing. I had watched him hitting balls on the range and knew where he set his club at the top of his back swing. I set the height of the Dream Swing to guide me into the position I had seen him swing into. He came to where I was setup on the range and I put his club in the Dream Swing and he began to take full swing.


It was truly beautiful to watch his swing while in the Dream Swing. It was perfect. He put a ball down and hit it while connected into the Dream Swing. The ball flew perfect. He put another ball down and just like before hit a perfect shot, long and straight. He stepped back few feet from the trainer and I said, Now I’m going to let you feel how this trains you. I took his club out and handed it to him and he took a swing. As he finished the swing he got this expression on his face like he had just seen a ghost. His mouth dropped open and his eyes went wide open. He looked at another Tour Player there with him and said, "Sh**, have you felt how this trains you?"


I stepped to him and said, "We could sell one of these to every serious golfer out there. Would you be on a one minute commercial we could run on The Golf Channel. Arnold said, "I don’t know about that but, I need to keep swinging this. Do you have one you can send with me?" I said I did and met Arnold about 20 minute later in the parking lot where we spoke for a few minutes and he took the Dream Swing and left. I returned home and the following Monday the Golf Instructor at Arnold’s course in Latrobe, Pennsylvania called me and said, "Arnold just handed me your swing trainer, how do you use it." I told him over the phone how to set it up and gave him specific instructions to set the height of the stand so it was guiding Mr. Palmer into the position he is normally in at the top of his swing. I told the Instructor the worst thing he could do was change Arnold’s position at the top of his backswing.


I wasn’t able to get back to Arnold to see how he was doing with the Dream Swing the rest of that summer. The following January just following Arnold’s Prostate Surgery while in Orlando at the PGA Merchandise Show I was demonstrating the Dream Swing and a man who’s name tag said Arnold Palmer Golf Company came to my booth. I told him about Arnold experience with the Dream Swing out in Utah and told him I would be happy to set one up in Arnold’s exercise that he could swing during his recovery. The man said he would relay the message to Arnold. I gave him my contact information and he left. That night when I returned to my hotel room there was a message from Arnold’s office. It said, "Arnold won’t be swinging a club until the end of April or the first of May. Contact him back then."


I did this and while on a business trip to Orlando in May I drove to Bay Hill and waited for Arnold to finish a business meeting before going with him to the back range at Bay Hill to set him back into the Dream Swing. I set it up and he began swinging The Dream Swing. He swung several swing and a person there with him said, "Arnold, what do you think of this." Arnold then said, "this forces me to swing the way I’m supposed to swing. I’ve always had this problem of blocking my follow through and this forces me to extend out and finish with my hands up where there supposed to be." The fellow then asked, "how do you know where to set it?" Arnold then said, "yah, how do you know where to set it? I swung it fine with you out in Utah and took it back to Latrobe and after swinging it I couldn’t hit the ball." I had him step to the stand and he could see that the height was adjusted to the level of his nose for the 5 iron he that was in the Dream Swing. I told him there would be a different adjustment for each club but that he needed to set it so it felt good. He would know where the best spot for him was by how it felt.


The following year I was back at Park City and was able to speak with Mr. Palmer. I asked him how the Dream Swing was working for him and he said, It works great when I have time to swing it. Several months after my visit with Arnold at Bay Hill I was showing it to a golf editor and commented that I had set Arnold into it and left one with him. He said, "Right now, Arnold Palmer is swinging the most technically correct golf swing he has swung in his life."


I guarantee YOU will experience dramatic improvement when you start using the Dream Swing.

Mike Weir and the Dream Swing

In October 99, I attended the Las Vegas Invitational. I went there with the intent to talk with and show as many people as possible the Dream Swing. At the end of one of the practice days I saw Mike Weir walk into the parking lot with his golf bag. I followed him and spoke to him as he put his clubs into his car and changed into his street shoes. I told Mike about the Dream Swing and mentioned I planned to show it to Bruce Brockbank in November and asked Mike if he would like to see it at that time? Bruce is Mike’s personal friend and is the current Coach of the BYU, (Brigham Young University) Golf Team in Provo Utah. Mike resides in Draper, a suburb of Salt Lake located about 20 miles fromProvo. I don’t know Bruce and Mike’s history; however I suspect they may have been team mates at BYU in their college golf playing days. Mike told me to have Bruce call him and tell him when we were meeting and he would see the Dream Swing then.


On the appointed day toward the middle of November I was at BYU and Bruce and I walked from his office to a practice football field just across the parking lot from Bruce’s office. As we climbed the fence into the field, (The gate was locked,) Mike drove into the parking lot in a new BMW. He had just been voted Rookie of the Year earning $1.5 million and finishing 30th on the money list. I set the Dream Swing up and demonstrated to Mike and Bruce how it worked and why they should be using it, Mike to improve his game and Bruce to improve the play of his golf team. I pointed out to Mike that I had watched him on TV and noticed that during his pre shot routine when he took his half a back swing that he would swing out square and when he swung at the ball he would swing inside. I told him that with the Dream Swing he could know that he was doing the same swing every time.


I put Mike’s club into the trainer and he took his first swing in the Dream Swing. As he swung to the top of his back swing, he looked at Bruce and said, “This isn’t my swing.” Bruce looked at me and said, “You can’t be changing his swing.” I told him I didn’t want to change his back swing and that I knew what to do the correct the problem. Mike was positioned in the Dream Swing so the stand was in line with his spine. If the Dream Swing is in the center of the body or in line with the spine, it guides the golfer on a square to square swing like Tiger Woods swings. Mike is left handed and swings inside on his back swing. I had him move to the right so the stand was centered more over his left ear and shoulder. As Mike saw that by moving to the right the Dream Swing would let him swing inside on the take away he adjusted his body to a position that guided him to the spot he wanted to be in at the top of his back swing. After swinging back a few time he said to Bruce, “That’s perfect.”


He then took a full swing and hit into the ground more than he liked. He then took a more aggressive swing and swung into the finish position. He said to me, “I don’t like how this takes me into my finish position.” I asked, “What are you trying to do in your golf swing?” He said, “I swing inside on my back swing and after I swing back to impact I try to keep the club close to my body as I go into the finish position.” I told him the Dream Swing was keeping the club down the line after impact and causing him to bring his hands up high and finish on-plane, or with his club parallel to the swing plane lines instead of around his body finishing with his club parallel to the ground. I watched his swing in the Dream Swing and told him his finish looked better in the Dream Swing. He didn’t say anything and started swinging full swings in the Dream Swing. After several swing I handed him one of his clubs. He took a swing and got a look on his face like what did you just do to my swing?


The Dream Swing changes a swing motion very fast and the few times Mike swung it, it was already beginning to change his swing to an on-plane finish. I knew what he was feeling and told him not to worry about the feeling. I said. “That is what you need to learn to finish on-plane.” I told Mike it was also a great putting aid. We put his putter in the Dream Swing and as he stroked back and forth a few times and looked at Bruce and said, “That’s perfect.” I then told Mike there was a wall bracket included with the Dream Swing and that he could set it up in his home or garage and practice with it indoors over the Winter. He commented that that would be good and after some more conversation with him and Bruce, Mike took the Dream Swing and left. I wasn’t able to contact or communicate with him over the winter to see how he was doing with the Dream Swing.


The following spring I was watching Mike during a tournament he was playing in and leading. On the Tee Box before hitting a Drive, Mike stood back about 15 feet behind the ball and took a full practice swing. He finished with his club right on-plane. He then stepped to the ball and did his normal pre-shot routine. He swung his half a back swing to the inside and then took his full swing and hit a beautiful drive finishing with his club on plane. I was excited because I could see Mike was swinging the swing the Dream Swing was teaching him the previous November. I called Bruce Brockbank and as I spoke with him about Mike’s good play he said, “That swing you taught Mike is holding up very well.”


I believe that the swing changes Mike made along with other improvements he made combined to allow him to win the Master Championship this year. You will experience fantastic and dramatic improvement as you use the Dream Swing and get your golf swing on-plane. You will never know how good you could play until you learn the Dream Swing.

Get the Dream Swing today and practice the perfect swing every single time!

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