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David T Garland IV

"It was about four years ago when I was first introduced to the Dream Swing, and I have been forever changed. At a Broadmor Country Club Summer Golf Camp taught by Mike Adams, I first met Clint Harper and his Dream Swing. I was a little skeptical at first when Mike told me that this was his favorite teaching aid. I stepped up to a swing trainer that was different than all other golf training aids I had tried previously. Surprisingly, after a couple of swings in the Dream Swing, I felt my swing vastly changing. I didn't realize it at the time, but the purpose of this device was to give complete muscle memory for all parts of my golf swing, throughout the swing itself. As I stepped away from the device, my swing had changed drastically. After practicing for about a half an hour on the Dream Swing, I proceeded to the course with my same mind set I had before I practiced with the Dream Swing. Amazingly, everything that I used to think about as I hit the ball off the first tee had vanished (keep head down, left arm straight, wrists cocked, etc...). The Dream Swing allowed me to focus on the golf shot, not my swing. This new focus enabled me to score the best round to that date. What is truly incredible about the Dream Swing is its versatility. I can use all my clubs on the machine, including my putter, to groove a perfect swing. I have been playing golf for a number of years now and have always been interested in improving my game. I have tried many swing trainers and other devices that claim to better a golf score, but the only device that produced tangible results was the Dream Swing. I would recommend the Dream Swing to golfers of all handicaps, its uses and results transcends the entire field of golfing aids."

John Boyle

"I just want you to know that the Dream Swing has dramatically impacted our enjoyment of the game of golf. My son Jordan (age 15) has improved from an all-time best score of 78 to his present best of 66 (18 hole course) in just the past 90 days, thanks to the Dream Swing. The first time I used it (for only about 10 minutes) I went directly to the course and shot a 64. It's amazing, it feels like the Dream Swing is still on the club even during the round. I am a former professional and still do some teaching. Teaching has never been so easy or effective! Students learn to 'feel' what a good golf swing feels like. I can teach more in a half an hour than I could in 4 half hour lessons without the Dream Swing. I am most enthusiastic about the Dream Swing."

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Dan Carroll

"Well here I am at the end of the golf summer season in Ct. and I have been working quite hard on my new dream swing. The reason I bought this was to prevent the over the top move and snap hooks with a very handsy swing. Well I can't tell you how happy I am to have this great training aid. Since I have been working out on the machine I consistently hit the ball solid with a slight draw and I know my clubhead speed has increased dramatically. The impact and follow through positions are a real eye opener and told me I was not finishing my swing. Not even close. Now I finish high, in balance, and ahead of the toe line. The results are long irons since that is all I play with at this time. This past weekend I shot a 41 for nine holes with two doubles due to poor short shots/putting. I hit two three irons close to 230 yards dead straight and all my irons are pure on the sweet spot. Next week the woods come out after some home training. I sound a little nuts about this trainer so I guess I am the real deal as the trainer has increased my confidence level."

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Students Experience Amazing Improvement

"I wanted to share this with you. You can use it in your advertising information if you wish. I have been using the Dream Swing for over 8 years. I use it for every lesson. I take notes after each lesson and I have documented that everyone of my student has,


1. Enjoyed the lesson

2. Felt they learned a lot from the lesson

3. Hit the ball better after the lesson


Many of my students will call me one or two days after the lesson and tell me they just played their best round of golf ever. The Dream Swing breaks down the communication barrier between myself and my student. When I use the Dream Swing they are able to feel what I am telling them. This makes teaching much easier for me and learning much easier for my students."

- Dick Loring,

Master PGA Instructor,

Jackson, MI, 517-780-9719


Turns My Words Into FEEL

"The Dream Swing turns my words into 'feel,' making my instructions more effective. It's my #1 teaching assistant. Whatever your level of play, The Dream Swing is perfect for you."

- Mike Adams

Former Dir. of Instruction at the Academy of Golf at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Ranked among the top 100 Teachers in the nation


I Bought a $36,000 golf simulator for my home, hired a live-in golf professional during the winter and made bi-weekly trips to Florida, playing at least 36 holes each day. My handicap didn't change.

"I would like to introduce you to one of the most brilliant and innovative golf instructional aids I have had the opportunity to encounter. As 1995's "Golf Nut of the Year" I have purchased literally thousands of dollars worth of golf items, from books, video tapes, instructional tapes and golf lessons as well as numerous golf aids, in search of acquiring the perfect swing and improving my golf game. In the past few months I have had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Clint Harper who is the owner of the company who produced the most innovative and helpful golf aid ever built. This item allows you to practice on a range or in your home and automatically allows you to acquire the proper swing plane whether you like to draw or fade the ball. It allows your muscles to acquire a memory for the proper swing plane, therefore markedly improving your golf game. On the surface this would appear to be no different than many of the other golf aids, however, it is quite unique and only trying this device will make everyone a complete believer. I had originally seen the video on this item which does not do it justice until you have actually taken some swings with it and realize that the perfect golf swing is attainable and quite easy with very minimal effort with the right tools. I am a living testimony that this device works and would be glad to talk to any of the "golf nuts" about it anytime. I encourage anyone who is having difficulties with their game to try The Dream Swing."

- Brad Bastow

Voted 1995 "Golf Nut of the Year" by Golf Nuts Society

South Haven, Michigan


GOLFERS throughout the world have many things in common, none more so than the fact that all of them, to a greater or lesser degree, want to play better golf. And many are the methods on how to play better golf, none claim to be better than the Dream Swing.


Dream Swing Offers Immediate Path to Better Swing

Growing in popularity in the U.S. because of user satisfaction and the word-of-mouth enthusiasm rather than a result of paid endorsements, the Dream Swing features an immediate, easy and economical way for golfers of all skill levels to improve their games and thus enjoy the game of golf to a greater degree.


The Dream Swing is being hailed as the best golf improvement trainer ever because it forced you from the first swing to feel what a more perfect golf swing is for you, yourself. Thanks to the Dream Swing, you get to understand what it takes for a good swing and, consequently you get to repeat the best possible swing you should make.


The Golf Swing Trainer, available on a 50-dayfree trial basis provides the mechanism for learning, on the spot, the proper takeaway, impact and follow through as you are taking each and every swing.


Nothing is better than learning by doing, and this the Dream Swing does well. You will know immediately, for example, if you are not following through with your swing, so essential for distance, because if you don’t follow through, you may well be reminded for it by the Dream Swing club extension. If you had a tendency to swing over the top, expect to whack the ground at your feet.


Once is enough to be reminded of the better golf swing for you, thanks to this instant feedback mechanism.


The Dream Swing trainer is 100% made in the U.S.A. and comes with a money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty on all parts. Customer service is available through its toll free 800-532-4542 number.


Inventor Clint Harper developed the successful Dream Swing after he learned that the best swing is based on true laws of physics. "A golf ball cannot fly straight unless it is struck square," Harper says. "That is an absolute truth that will never change. All the great ball strikers, though they have different swings are the same through the impact area. At 9 o’clock they are down the toe line, Their square at impact, and back down the toe line and 3 O’clock in the follow through. The geometry of the Dream Swing allows it to be adjusted for all golfers of all body types to have them swinging this swing."


With the Dream Swing you will experience immediate improvement. Remember the 50-day free trial offer."


Bob Koczor

Golf Today Magazine


Easy to Use, Great for a Touring Pro as well as a Beginner. The Dream Swing May be the Best Training Aid Ever. It Teaches Feel and Give Instant Feed Back. Teaches a Powerful On-Plane Swing.

"You have seen this swing improvement device advertised on numerous occasions in Golf Today, including a front cover. I am proud to announce that this writer agrees with the leader of Golf Today, Bob Koczor, that the Dream Swing may be one of the most effective swing devices ever on the market. An instructor can verbally communicate how a proper swing may feel, but the Dream Swing is the first device I’ve encountered that truly allows you to actually feel a good swing yourself, and the entire swing at that. Swinging confidently and powerfully on plane is the key to striking the golf ball for power and accuracy time after time. With the Dream Swing, the device actually forces the golfer into the proper positions. If you fail to produce a proper swing, the Dream Swing will immediately communicate that to you. Even if you are an accomplished player, you may possibly whiff or terribly miss your shot until you correct your swing weaknesses. The product comes neatly packaged and can be set up in a few minutes on the range or indoors. I have had the device for nearly a year and was concerned about two features. First, the price is significant, but it has been lowered to $259 which is quite a bargain. Secondly, one of the structural components tends to fatigue and break. The good news is that the company promptly supplied me with a replacement and since has improved the part’s durability. This device is as useful to a touring pro as it is to a novice. Previously articles have gone into detail about how the Dream Swings works, so I won’t go further here. Suffice it to say that I own one and use it often.

- Bob Fagan

2003 Golf Nut of the Year


Lowered my handicap from a frustrating 18 to a neat 11 and I expect to be in single digits this year.

"ARE YOU STILL DREAMING of the perfect golf swing? A potato farmer in Idaho has invented a trainer that is guaranteed to put you on plane and keep you there, forever. The Dream Swing Training aid just might be the answer to any or all of your swing problems. Inventor Clint Harper has received the endorsement of the World Golf Teachers Federation (WGTF), an international organization of certified golf instructors who VOTED the Dream Swing the #1 Swing Trainer in the World.


What do I think of the Dream Swing? It has lowered my handicap from a frustrating 18 to a neat 11 and I expect to be in single digits this year. It takes only a few minutes to set up and you will quickly feel what the perfect swing is."

- Charley Coppola Golf Editor,

Golf Today Magazine


Best training aid I’ve ever seen. Purchasing it is like having a Golf Instructor with you at all times.

"Without a doubt the best swing aid I've ever seen. When my students purchase The Dream Swing it is like having a golf instructor with them at all times."

- Logan Sanders

Director of AFGS, Petaluma, California


If Instructors don’t use it during lessons they're doing their students an injustice. It makes learning easy. There should be one at every range.

"If golf instructors don't put the Dream Swing on the practice range at their course, they are doing their members an injustice. It is difficult to teach a 55 year old man or woman correct swing techniques. It's hard work. I know, I've done it. The Dream Swing makes it easy. There should be one at every practice range at every golf course."

- Joe Redanty

Rochester, New York

Retired PGA teaching professional


Most Advanced Swing Training Aid Available

"The Dream Swing is the most advanced training aid available. It dramatically accelerates the learning process for the beginner and instantly puts better players on their most productive swing planes. It actually allows students to feel and retain the perfect swing for their bodies. If you want to become a more effective teaching professional, I highly recommend you use the Dream Swing in your golf teaching program."

- Geoff Bryant

Jupiter, Florida

More Testimonials

Golf Tips Magazine agreed to publish a product prevue for the Dream Swing. They assigned Nils Nelson, a freelance writer to review and write about it. Nils called me and gave me his address for shipping. A few days after receiving it he sent me this personal letter.


"The write-up on the Dream Swing went very well. But beyond that, I'm writing to tell you just how great I think your invention is. As soon as I set it up in the backyard and took a swing, I felt exactly what it is I've been striving for. The past month or so I've been working on my takeaway, but not quite getting it in the groove. On the Dream Swing, I swung right into position and felt the club hit the "slot" at the top of my swing and CLICK! - The light went on. I went out to the range and tried out the swing and I hit the ball really well -- a lot of confidence. I hit my long irons high and straight for the first time in my life. I've tried a lot of training aids over the years, but this is the first one that has really made a difference. I believe the Dream Swing will take me to the next plateau. I've been stuck in the same place (high 70s to low 80s) for a long time and with just this brief amount of work this weekend I can tell I'm well on my way to better scores and more solid shotmaking."


Clint Harper, inventor of the Dream Swing, spoke with Dave Brennan, publisher of Golf Tips Magazine, just before the August issue when the Dream Swing product review appeared on the news stand. Their conversation went like this...


Dave- "Your swing trainer really blew Nils away. I had to tone his article down a lot."


Clint- "Tone his article down? What do you mean?"


Dave- "Well, if we make exaggerated, or what sounds like exaggerated claims in the article it gives it less credibility."


Clint- "Yeah, that is a problem. The Dream Swing teaches feel and it's very difficult to describe feel with words."


Dave- "I know."


"Reasons I like The Dream Swing:


1. Easy to set up, easy to take down.

2. Easy to adjust to any size golfer.

3. Accommodates all body types and swing paths - flat, upright, in to out, out to in, etc.

4. My students get results and they love it."


- Charles Clement

Director of America's Favorite Golf School (AFGS)

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


Things you look for in a good Training Aid.

Dr. Rick Jensen, Sports Psychologist, Boca Raton Florida is the President of the Performance Center at PGA National Resort And Spa. As a sport psychologist, he works extensively with touring pros on the PGA TOUR and LPGA Tour. His clients have combined for 197 tournament wins including 32 major championships. He said this about swing trainers and the Dream Swing:


"The first thing you look for in a good training aid is something that will guide your movement during the swing. The Dream Swing keeps your club on plane through the entire swing allowing you to develop a kinesthetic sense for what the golf swing feels like.


"Another thing you want in a good trainer is something that gives you continues feedback. Because of the way the Dream Swing is constructed it forces your arms hands and club to swing on plane. If your body then performs an incorrect motion that would cause the club to travel off plane you will put resistance against the device and the Dream Swing will guide your club into the ground giving instant feedback of an incorrect motion. This is a significant advantage because we’re not able to see yourself swing and we also aren’t able to have our instructor watch us every time we practice.


"A third thing you look for is if the motion is natural. You actually want it to feel Natural. Some training aids restrict your natural motion and affect your ability to hit balls because they cause you to do thing that are unnatural and force you to swing in slow motion. You actually don’t want this. You want to be able to swing in the trainer the same speed you would hit balls out on the courses."


I was Amazed at the Results!

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I like the “Dream Swing.” I recently attended the USGTF training school, after trying the Dream Swing I decided it would be something that really would help so, I purchased one. After 3 weeks of training with it I was amazed at the results for myself. I then decided to put it into my lessons at Winding Creek Golf Course where I am the teaching Pro. While I was practicing my swing a fellow came up to me and wanted to try it. He told me he had been playing for 35 years, but had a horrible swing. I game his a lesson using the Dream Swing for about 30 minutes. We then decided to play 9 holes. After 3 holes he turned to me and said, “I’ve never hit the golf ball this good in 35 years.” On the forth hole he hit a 5 iron a foot from the cup on a par 3. The smile on his face said it all. I want to thank you for creating a device that really does work. I now consider myself to be a rep for the Dream Swing.

- David C. Alloco

Winding Creek Golf Club, Victor, New York

USGTF Teaching Professional


Dr. Kranz rehabs his swing after suffering stroke.

I can’t begin to thank you enough for developing “Dream Swing” a simple yet effective training device for improving one’s golf game.


I am a life-long golfer; a high handicapper with all the usual faults of the beginning golfer: long off the tee with a duffer’s slice, a tendency to top fairway shots, and an inconsistent short game leading to poor ball positioning on the green leading to long puts and high scores.


I live in the northeast where weather allows only five or six months of golf per years so practice is the only way a gofer at my level can improve. Add to the fact that I suffered a stroke four years ago which resulted in loss of function in my left side, including my left arm. This produced a devastating change in my life, golf now withstanding. Fortunately, I’m right handed and stubborn, so last year I attempted to become a one handed player. My initial goal was just to be able to swing the club again with some modicum of success. In order to do this I needed to produce a repeatable swing in the correct swing plane and hopefully inside-out. Training on the Dream swing forces everything to come together so that muscle memory is taught without having to think about swing mechanics, or listening to someone try to explain to your body what you swing should look like. Instead “Dream Swing” produces perfect practices repetitions every time and does it without supervision.


This is so terrific, and to think the "Dream Swing" can be used inside eliminating the bad weather factor. The bottom line for me has been consistent swings and lower scores.


My ailment has produced limitations, but thanks to you and the “Dream Swing” my golf game is returning to an enjoyable level.


- Dr. Warren I. Kranz

Alexandria, Virginia


2 Stroke Improvement in 4 Weeks

"I have been using the Dream Swing for 4 weeks. My golf has improved a stroke on the front and back thanks to the Dream Swing."

- Ron Ekberg


Extremely Satisfied, Cut Score 10 Strokes. I Recommend it to All Golfers.

I have been extremely satisfied with the results of my using the Dream Swing. It has corrected my stance and swing to the point that I have been culling my scores by as much as 10 strokes on the various courses I play in Southern California.


The first time I used the Dream Swing I felt the adjustment that had to be make in my stance and swing. It caused me to straighten the back swing and come through the ball more accurately. Further, it make me keep my left arm straight and only bend the wrist at the top of my swing.


With improvement I have seen in my game I would definitely recommend the Dream Swing to all golfers. My handicap has improved 10 strokes with the usage of the Dream Swing.


Dwayne Lee

Chino Hills, California


Fantastic Results

Your Dream Swing is a most effective product. I set it up for indoor use using a slate about 3-4 inches thick last Fall when I purchased it. I was using it a couple of times a week and then started using it everyday the week before I went down to Florida for a weekend of golf with my buddy. From the first to the last tee shot I hit everyone straight and easy. My buddy was very impressed and has since then been using mine. The ease of getting into the swing is incredible.


John Cassidy

Melville, New York